Module dependencies


Hey there! I have a big issue with module dependencies (dependency injection) in ionic .
To be clear:
If i put in my main js file app.js:
var app = angular.module(‘App’, [‘ionic’, ‘path1’]);
path1 is a module defined in another file.
The App doesn’t work anymore.
Someone can help me? What i have to do to make it work?
(I have this problem only with ionic…with angularJS and HTML5 works good).


Include Path1 module js file in index page before injecting it as module


Ok you’ll probabbly don’t undestand what I’ve asked because when I send the post some content of code was deleted. I don’t know why. Sorry.

This works good:

<div ng-include="navCtrl.getIncludePath()">
    <ion-nav-view >

This NOT:

<ion-nav-view  ng-include="navCtrl.getIncludePath()">

Is the ng-include directive not supported by the ion-nav-view tag?
Thank you