Model not showing up using ModalController.present()

i have used ionic 2 modal and i am having a very annoying problem. i have followed instructions from ionic 2 docs
but it is behaving inappropriately. sometimes when i click on a button (which is bound with a function which presents a Modal) it sometimes shows Modal. but sometimes it just hang up and don’t show anything. and some times it takes a few minutes after clicking a button for a Modal to show up. i don’t know where i am getting wrong. it is only happening on my particular project.
solutions that i tried

  1. i created a seperate new project and and used Model there and it works fine there.
  2. i created another page in my same working project to test up my model but it also misbehaves
  3. matched syntax with ionic docs. it seems fine .
  4. created a new project, copied all my pages there, updated app.ts and the app.core.scss files, pages are working fine but still Modal is misbehaving.

the problem is occuring only for my particual project and i dont know where to find a solution. any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem. Did you find any solution?

yes, actually i was using font awesome CDN in my application, which was giving some exception in console. i used copied font awesome file in my local storage to remove that exception and my code for modal just worked fine. it was just a mystery for me to find out that exception was interfering with my modal code.