Modal appears blank sometimes

I have created a modal screen and placed the modal content into a separate file. I have a separate service that generically handles any modal. And I am always passing data into the modal from the parent view, that is intended to be displayed immediately (so I know that it’s all working).

Occasionally the modal displays blank.
Sometimes it flickers and goes from blank to non-blank or vice versa. And when I close the blank modal, sometimes the screen flickers before it’s gone.

The data is always passed into the modal controller
Regardless of whether I see the display or not, the data is always in the modal’s controller.

The weird part is the issue never happens on Firefox, but happens almost all the time on Safari. Even stranger is that the issue never happens on my iPhone, but nearly always on my Android device.

Is this a race condition? How can I code this such that the display doesn’t get hidden in the modal? It’s a very simple display right now, so it’s frustrating that I am spending so much time handling the “simple things”, but I must be doing something wrong.

It seems like if I put all the modal view inline in the Index.html file then I have no issues. But then I lose the code organization which is important as the complexity of my app grows.

Anyone else have solid working examples of modals with separation of files and generic services?

facing the same issue.

Any body experiences it as well ?

I have input fields inside the modal. and sometimes randomly the modal clears and shows just the back drop and then clicking on it shows the fields and everything again.