Mock Capacitor PluginCall

I am writing unit test cases for Android and I am using functions like :
public void lock(PluginCall call) {
I am not able to find out how I can Mock PluginCall class so that I can pass and return data from it. Any help?

here will be the documentation of Mocking Capacitor Plugin

Hi, i am using Jest for unit test. The way i mock a plugin call will be something like:

StatusBar.setBackgroundColor = jest.fn().mockReturnValue(Promise.resolve());

after created a __mocks__/@capacitor folder at the root of my project.

Hope this helped.

:sweat_smile:sorry, I misunderstanding your question. You mean for for native android ? Creating unit tests for capacitor native android plugin - Stack Overflow <-I found a related link here.

Thanks for the answering. But there is no solution provided on the link you shared.