Mobile IoT Tank Controlled using Raspberry Pi & Ionic - with Video and World of Warcraft Theme :)


I just wanted to share with you a new project that we developed using Ionic. It’s a Raspberry Pi Tank that you can control over the internet using an Angular & Ionic application. It also have a live video feed straight to the app so that you can drive it around without having line of sight.

Raspberry Pi Tank with Live Video Stream - Part 1

Hope you guys enjoy it and it inspires you to create your own !

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Good Job bro, What did you use for the video feed?

For hardware I used the standard raspberry pi cam.
For software, on the pi you have a UV4L which creates a local stream server on the pi, you can simply reference the pi’s ip and port that the uv4l is running on and include an <img…> tag in your hybrid app that references https://ip:port/stream.mjpeg which is a live stream of the camera.

Hope this helps. Feel free if you need more details. Glad you liked it.


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Tony, I loved the video of the robot. It is quite impressive. In the video you mentioned you’ll follow up with the list of components and an assembly instructions. I understand that you might be busy with something else, as an intermediate step to another video with instructions, would you may be compile a list with the basic outline of the things necessary for this build? Looking forward to building the robot like this. (registered here just to make this comment :))

Thank you !!

For this build you need the following:

  1. Chassis with DC Motors
  2. Raspberry Pi
  3. Raspberry Pi Camera
  4. DC Motor Controller Board / HAT to control the DC motors from the Pi
  5. 3g/4g router or you can use your home wifi
  6. Ionic application to communicate with the raspberry pi
  7. batteries of course to power the board and the motors (for a simple project you can use 1 battery to power all - raspberry pi and motors)

Feel free if you need more info on this.
Have fun.

Thank you sir! This list is quite helpful.

you’re very welcome ! :slight_smile:

Hello, Tony It’s amazing what you did! Two questions:

  1. How many persons are working with you??

  2. What plugins do you use to communicate with the rasperry pi to control the hardware?? (Bluetooth?)

Thank you for transfer us your knowledge

Thank you ! It’s only myself. I use pubnub to talk to the raspberry pi. It’s a socket based communication library over the internet.

Hope this helps.

Live streaming is working fine with your method, but how to get the audio feed as well in ionic 3