Mobile Events Calendar


This isn’t really an ionic specific question but I figured someone on here might know. I’m looking for an example of how someone has integrated an events calendar into their hybrid app. I am not looking for something that necessarily integrates with the native calendar (though that would be a nice bonus) and I am not looking for a date picker. I just want a way to manage events (like x band is playing on x date or x food special on x date) and have different views such as monthly, weekly, daily and a details view. I’m sure I could make my own and maybe I will have to, but I would rather not reinvent the wheel if at all possible.

I saw these posts but they don’t really ask the same question:

and I have also seen this but it does not do things like a details view:

which is based off of this:



i am using this calender in an app and it works very well.
But you have to disable drag and drop and such stuff for mobile usage.

For DetailView you can add an event, what should happend if you click/tap on an appointment.
There you can handle it on your own, like open an ionic modal or something else.

In the angular directive you can add an own config for the calendar.
there you can add click event:

$scope.uiConfig = {
    height: 450,
    editable: true,
      left: 'title',
      center: '',
      right: 'today prev,next'
    eventClick: $scope.alertOnEventClick,
    eventDrop: $scope.alertOnDrop,
    eventResize: $scope.alertOnResize