Mix ionic 1 and ionic 2 in the same project?

is it possible to develop an app that use ionic one or two in the same time ??

No. But there is sorta-kinda a way to do that in Ionic 4. I don’t think anyone has tried to do it yet though.

Simple answer:

Complicated answer:
There might be a way to use the UI components of the coming Ionic 4, which are the same ones as Ionic 2/3 in an Ionic v1 app in the future. But this is probably not what you are looking for.

and what about to write angular 2 in a ionic 1 project is it possible ??


What are you trying to do?

If you could wind up mixing them together it seems like it would wind up being like ASP. Which for my money was/is a bit of a mess.

sorry i did’nt interstand what do you mean about that ??