Missing SQL that can work on both android as well as Browser for building heavy offline apps

Our requirement is an android app along with PWA (webapp) with same code base. But if we use SQLLite it is not supported on browser. If we use simple object storage then we cannot so more advanced data operations likes search etc.

Is there anyway we can code with SQL support for all app data and still build the app that works on browser as well as android?. So what in summary what I am looking for is

  1. Plugin that supports SQL…in browser also
  2. How to get data from backend as well as save it in app, or when user saves data sync it in background…are there any plugins or framework that have done this cleanly?


perhaps have a look at pouchdb ? a nosql database, online and offline with efficient synchronisation…

I don’t think that is how PWAs work with data?

Your app is getting data from a REST API hosted somewhere, and caching/syncing what it needs locally.

Your website could be getting data from the same REST API, but probably not saving it locally.