Missing service-worker and manifest.json in conference app


Hello Team,

I just took fresh github clone for the ionic-conference app but after building its showing manifest and service-worker.js files missing in assets folder. But if i start a new project from base ionic2 app it works fine and have these files.

Is there anything I am doing wrong ?



I have the same question. I am using the conference app to better understand Ionic 2 concepts and I am unsure of the purpose of the manifest.json file and the service-worker.js file.

I noticed there is still a link to the manifest file in src/index.html:line 11 -> <link rel="manifest" href="assets/manifest.json">


I have the same issue. After upgrade to Ionic 2 - RC2 I am getting:

[22:35:05]  copy: Error copying "/Users/tyrion/devel/saveup-front/src/service-worker.js" to

            "/Users/tyrion/devel/saveup-front/www/service-worker.js": File not found

Ok I fixed this for now, by just copying the service worker file from the conference app by Ionic team over to my project. So far working.

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