Missing Ok button when using select

I try to use a simple select input (iPhone 5s), but the Ok button is missing from the top.
<select name=“currencies”>
<option value=“AED” title=“United Arab Emirates Dirham”>United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)</option>


Anybody has an idea?

did you try using okText=“Okay”? Does it work with that?

Does select has this attribute, not only ion-select?

It should work without that but you can try using it , If it works.

here is the link where everything is explained

I decided to use select instead of ion-select, because I found too slow ion-select (modal). I’m only have 200 options.

If there are 200 options, a select might not be the best choice in this case

What else do you suggest, ion-select seemed slow for me. Select is really fast, but I can’t pick one of them because of this problem.
But probably you are right, something with a search input would be better.

Create a model with a list with virtualItems :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m gonna check.
So if I stick with select, there is no chance to fix the keyboard?

If somebody has the same problem, I found a solution, but probably there is a proper way.
So within the platform Plugins/IonicKeyboard.m I override manually self.hideKeyboardAccessoryBar to NO.

I couldn’t manage in config.xml with <preference name=“hideKeyboardAccessoryBar” value=“false”/>