Missing locale data for the locale "USD"

I’m trying to use Currency Pipe but keep getting the error:

Missing locale data for the locale “USD”.

I have this in my app.module.ts:

  providers: [
    {provide: ErrorHandler, useClass: IonicErrorHandler},
    {provide: LOCALE_ID, useValue: "en-US"},

and in my typescript file I have the following:

public currencyPipe: CurrencyPipe = new CurrencyPipe('USD');

I use it like this:

  toCurrency(value: any) {
    if (this.currencyPipe == null) {
      return '0';
    return this.currencyPipe.transform(value, 'USD', true, '1.0-0');

Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried en-US and $ instead of USD, nothing has worked. In the ionic 2 beta releases this worked ok.

bump. still haven’t figured this one out. Anyone have ideas?

Mmmh looks good to me.

Have you debug the code, could you confirm that you land in your toCurrency method and that this.currencyPipe is not null?

Then, I didn’t check if it’s correct or not, but are maybe Pipes not injectable?

See https://stackoverflow.com/a/41842214/5404186

if true, would mean

in module

 declarations: [CurrencyPipe]

in your class

 return (new CurrencyPipe('USD')).transform(value, 'USD', true, '1.0-0');

instead of

 return this.currencyPipe.transform(value, 'USD', true, '1.0-0');

but like I said, not sure…

The solution was simple but somehow I missed it initially.

return (new CurrencyPipe('en-US')).transform(value, 'USD', true, '1.0-0');

There are all these posts about Locale that show up, but since I’m sticking with the English default I didn’t have to do anything but the above.

Thanks reedrichards for assisting!

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Thx you, I’m happy to have learn something about CurrencyPipe which I didn’t use (yet)