Missing components styling on phisical device

I’ve built my first ionic app to see if I can use my web knowledges to develop a small mobile app using Vue and capacitor.

Within my Android emulator (API 31), the ionic components look correct, as they are on the demo.
However, when I built the app and test it on the phisical device, the components styling are missing.

I’ve tried to use a simple card components for example.

This is how it looks on the Android emulator (as expected)

This is how it looks on my real device (Samsung Galaxy S10 - Android 12) (wrong)

As it can be seen, the styling for the card is missing.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve tried to run the app directly from Android Studio and also to built the .apk file and install it separately, but in both cases, I have the same result.

For building the app, I’ve used:

ionic capacitor build android

Then, Android Studio started, I’ve selected my read phone, and run it. Do I need to do something more? Or am I missing any command?


Make sure you’ve imported all the ion-card* components in that vue tab1 component.

Yes, you were right.
I’ve completely forgot to import the components since they were correctly visible within the emulator.