Missing border side menu



I notice it in desktop web browser Chrome. When you slide the content to make the menu appear, we can’t see the border between menu and content. Here is a plunk. It only happens with overflow-scroll="true". It is like a z-index issue.


I’m looking at the Plunk sample and seeing the border between the content and menu. Am I missing something?


I had the same problem.
When I use the 0.9.26 version, the problem is solved.


Sorry, the problem isn’t solved in 0.9.26. My first try I used the CDN, afterward I upgraded ionic to 0.9.26 locally.

What I found is this:
I have a side-menu and in the content I have a slide-box.
when I open the side-menu without doing anything in the slide-box, I don’t get a border. As soon as a scroll in the side-menu or slide to the 2nd slide, the border appears.


Sorry, property overflow-scroll was missing. I have updated the plunk


Hmmm… You sure you’re linking to the correct place? I’m still able to see the border:


Correction! I can see the border when using Google Chrome Canary. However, in Chrome and Safari, the border is missing.

Please open an issue for this on GitHub.


issue opened