Milti-level ion-menu pages

I would like to create a side-menu that contains some form of routing within the side menu itself.

So when the menu opens from the left side, it has 3 menu items which when clicked make a new page with sub-items available within the menu item itself. This should also have a transition coming from the right side.

The only way I thought this might work is to have one menu open another menu and so forth. Sadly somehow this doesn’t work as soon as there is more than 1 menu on the right side.

Can anyone tell me how to establish this?

I got it to work in my angular app thanks to the documentation of V3. apparently when having more than 1 menu on the same side you have to call before trying to open the menu
MenuController.enable(true, 'menuId');

The new documentation is quite lacking in terms of ion-menu and especially there is no mention what so ever of the MenuController (or at least I did not find it using the search).

More info here: