Migration to capacitor error while removing the ionic native file plugin

while migrating to capacitor, my app and ionic serve is stuck on white screen when i remove ionic native/file plugin. with this error
Error: NG0204
at Hf (main.js:formatted:200625:25)
at rh (main.js:formatted:200641:18)
at Mp (main.js:formatted:200648:34)
at Up (main.js:formatted:200584:64)
at gc.processProvider (main.js:formatted:200585:18)
at main.js:formatted:200466:32
at Wu (main.js:formatted:200682:82)
at Wu (main.js:formatted:200682:55)
at new gc (main.js:formatted:200466:17)
at xn (main.js:formatted:201294:13)