Microphone recording

I’m developing an messaging WebApp and mobile app ( android/ios ) and first version was only text/emojis but now I working on a release with images and voice recording. Images works fine but microphone recording doesn’t work on ios in the app. I’m using vue/vuetify and a lot more but for the recording i have vue-audio-recorder that i have changed little to get it usable on phones.
The recording works on android and in webbrowsers but on ios app the recording doesn’t work. I have googled a lot and it says that the problem is that apple doesn’t support the “audio/mpeg” on ipad/iphone in browsers. But today when testing i found that after changed some settings in chrome i could record and save message on an ipad with chrome and also safari so why doesn’t it work from the generated ios app that uses safari web framework when it work in the browser ? Is it something that could be set in my generated app to activate.