Menucontrol.close() not working

Hey everyone! So, I can’t close the side menu after upgrading to ionic 4. The weird thing is that it just doesn’t work on a specific phone a Samsung J6. The problem is that I don’t even know how to debug it. this.menuCtrl.isOpen returns true when I check the menu, but when I try to use menuControl.close(), or menuControl.toggle(), it returns false and doesn’t close, but it doesn’t give me any hint as to why. Can anyone help me??

Ok, so it really was an ionic bug as described here they made a dev build that corrected it, now I just have to keep an eye out until they launch a production version with the fix. The version that fixes it is: 4.10.0-dev.201909061231.2ea728e

FYI, that happened 19 days ago as I write this, and there have been 5 more 4.x releases since then as well.

Great! Thanks for the info, I’m going to update my ionic asap!