Menu popover


I need to create a popover menu ,but it triggers an error :slight_frown:
error : PopoverCmp ionViewPreLoad error: No component factory found for PopoverPage

  template: `
      <button ion-item >Learn Ionic</button>
      <button ion-item >Documentation</button>
      <button ion-item >Showcase</button>
      <button ion-item >GitHub Repo</button>

export class PopoverPage {
  constructor(private navParams: NavParams) {}

  selector: 'page-cheval',
  templateUrl: 'cheval.html'
export class ChevalPage {
@ViewChild('popoverContent', { read: ElementRef }) content: ElementRef;
  @ViewChild('popoverText', { read: ElementRef }) text: ElementRef;    

  presentPopover(ev) {

    let popover = this.popoverCtrl.create(PopoverPage);

      ev: ev



   <button ion-button (click)="presentPopover($event)"s>
            <ion-icon name="search"></ion-icon>


You added PopoverPage to both declarations and entryComponents of your app module?


No, how do i do !!!


@amine216 no thanks?




@amine216 see @rapropos answer above, your code has some simple issue


This good i solve the problem
Have my problem how to pass the data to the popover


You could eventually say thank you, and please in that order :slight_smile:


Hh desole,
thank you