Menu controller(alert、action sheet、popover...) doesn't work on hardware device

Hi,I’ve been using ionic from v3 to v4 beta and till now. Lately I upgraded to ionic4.7 and angular8. Everything’s ok when I run my app in desktop browser using both dev and prod build. But when I tried to test it on my android phone, looked like all the overlay controllers(menu,alert,popover,action sheet,toast,modal) don’t work.
I checked the doc and found a tag like ion-xxx-controller should be added into the html, which I didn’t before but still got controller instance in ts (run in browser).But with hardware phone,even now I added all those tags, things aren’t gonna work(I debugged to find an empty object to the menu controller instance) .
Anybody has a clue? Thanks.

I found those overlays are functionally ok. They just don’t show,but when I click at the place they should be,the click event handler run as it’s supposed to. I use both mat-select and ion-select, while mat-select show the selection panel, ion-select doesn’t,but when I click, selected text can show.

I found something. I located the ion-alert element in chrome devTool, there was an opacity set to 0, after I disabled it, the alert panel showed. But for other overlays, such as popover,menu, I didn’t found opacity to set.

I think it may be someting about the animation. Same with all ripple effects. They are there, but they don’t transform from opacity 0 to opacity 0.xx,so I can’t see them.

I tried several emulators, overlays and ripple effects behaved differently, at android 27,all ok , while on 26, no ripple effects;23 app kept stopping,21, no overlays and ripple effects.

So, should I change any configuration when depoyed to different android version?

I tried to modify the target in platform/android/,but didn’t work better.