Memory Leak Graphics (CSS transition / animation?)

I wondering why is my App sometimes crashing on Android 7, Ionic 3, Cordova 9 (cordova-android 8).
The Android Studio recorded a memory profile and I see there is a memory leak.

I suppose it has to do with the styles (css/scss). Maybe the animation / transition?
Has anyone had similar experiences?


Enabled css transitions and animations.

Disabled css transitions and animations.

Result: There is a bug in Ionic, Cordova, Angular and / or Android, WebView.
We update to Ionic 4 in the next month with latest version of Cordova (if possible) and check it again.

Have u tried investigating through chrome devtools? Remote device monitoring

Not yet, but good idea. I’ll test it tomorrow. …
In my case I have a custom progress bar. It uses a html div element to set the width by Angular.
And the width has a css transition for smooth changes.
Maybe it’s an Angular refresh issue. Because Angular refreshes the page continuously. And I think the css engine creates new transition animation for every refresh and does not clean up the previous ones. Whatever… it’s a bug.
I should report this bug, but where? Chromium? It’s not trivial to report and fix a bug like this. …

Well, u know the cause? It can be an ionic component, angular or one of the Cordova things.

Múltiple channels to report something where u need to be more specific on what happens

I google searched css memory leaks and not much popped up. Angular leaks are generally rxjs unsubscribes missing and maybe u do sonething with new…

With chrome u can at least figure out if the html5 assets (js,css,html) are Linked to the cause


It seems to be an issue of a weak hardware device and maybe the custom changes of the manufacturer. The 1 GB RAM tablet has this problem. The other 3 GB RAM table not.The trend of the memory graph even goes back slightly. While it goes up on the other tablet. Both have the same Android version. But maybe another browser (web view)? Whatever… It’s weird. But I discontinue this debugging.
But be free to share your experience here.