MediaCapture Typings not being picked up (Ionic Native)

I’m getting the same error that that was the subject of this closed issue:

And I notice someone else has the same issue

i.e I have added the media capture plugin as instructed here:

However, when I add this code:

import { MediaCapture } from 'ionic-native';

getMultiPicture() {
let options: CaptureImageOptions = { limit: 3 };
(data: MediaFile[]) => console.log(data),
(err: CaptureError) => console.error(err)

I get an error “Cannot find name CaptureImageOptions”. I’ve restarted Visual Code but I still get the error - is there something I am missing?

I can see the media-capture.d.ts inside the project and I’m using the latest version of Ionic Native.

Any ideas?

Solved. See issue.