MediaCapture duration issue


I am using MediaCapture plugin from the Ionic Native API:

I am using the captureVideo(options) method in order to record a video and I have an issue with duration option not working.

The code looks like this:


let options: CaptureVideoOptions = { limit: 1, duration: 3};
(data: MediaFile[]) => this.navCtrl.push(ResultPage) && this.navCtrl.setRoot(ResultPage),
//(err: CaptureError) => this.navCtrl.push(StartPage) && this.navCtrl.setRoot(StartPage)
//For testing
(err: CaptureError) => this.navCtrl.push(ResultPage) && this.navCtrl.setRoot(ResultPage)
).catch((err: CaptureError) => this.navCtrl.push(StartPage) && this.navCtrl.setRoot(StartPage));


As you can see I am setting options to limit video recording to one and duration to 3 seconds but the duration does not work.

I would be grateful for any help since I cannot solve it for a while now.