Media Capture video is low quality?

Thanks bro :pray: I really appreciate that, we’ll definitely be in contact. I’m kind of new to the Ionic/Angular v2+ updates so I’ll probably end up needing a little help. I followed Simons guide on YouTube. I recreated his chat but I don’t store any data (don’t know how) and it scrolls down.

Shall I message you a way to stay in touch cause I don’t use ionic forums much? :hushed:

Sorry for the delayed response, please do send me a message. I am more than happy to help whenever I can.

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@danwhuy Could you show me the piece of code where you do it, please? I can only capture with resolution 480x320…

The weird thing about this resolution probleme is that it’s been around forever

Here is what I found :
in 2016 :

The problem comes from UIImagePickerController, and apparently, if you don’t want that 420x320, you have to create your own plugin wtf

Explains how to fix the issue of UIImagePickerController, on different ios version by modifying the plugin

If you want another plugin that doesn’t lock ios resolution, but it is not maintained
"I am no longer maintaining this project. PRs are welcome."

Here are the ionic api and git for the plugin :

I’m still looking for solutions, so if someone knows a fix I’d be very grateful

Edit: this is the closest post describing this problem

I don’t mean to be rude but is there any method to this madness? Has anyone been able to find a proper solution of this yet?

I had the same issue. Low quality on iOS, while capturing a video. I installed the video-capture-plus plugin, but this plugin is not updated now since 2 years, I had problems on the Android platform. After researching through this topic and others, I came to be curious in how work the iOS native code of the media-capture plugin. I compare the method captureVideo() on both media-capture plugin and video-capture-plus plugin. I finally get it work doing these steps :

  1. open the two following files (wich are the same) located at plugins/cordova-plugin-media-capture/src/ios/CDVCapture.m and at node-modules/cordova-plugin-media-capture/src/ios/CDVCapture.m

  2. go into the method captureVideo()

  3. In the if statement if ([pickerController respondsToSelector:@selector(cameraCaptureMode)]), add the line pickerController.videoQuality = UIImagePickerControllerQualityTypeHigh;

  4. Reinstall the iOS platform with ionic cordova platform remove ios and ionic cordova platform add ios

You should see that the quality is better now. This solution is a little tricky, you need to do it each time you need to update your plugin, that is not very often I thought.

Really appreciate your contribution and I can confirm that this solution worked for me,

However, a thing that has amused me is that they have commented out the line pickerController.videoQuality = UIImagePickerControllerQualityTypeHigh; and I am wondering why would they do that?