Media amplitude is 0

Hi all,
I have implemented recording and detecting incoming call on android. If I am recording and someone is calling, the record is paused. After call/ringing finish, user has to resume recording manually. Recording resume but amplitude is always 0. If there is no incoming call and am trying to pause, resume, pause, resume - everything is working fine and amplitude too.

Object of recording is still the same.

Where can be problem?


Probably in the code or plugin you are using but didn’t mention anything about.

I am using Media from Ionic and for detecting call

So I investigate what is problem here - When recording is active and incoming call is detected, after resume record, it actually do not record :-/

But in record object is still the initial recording…

How did you get incoming number ??

I don`t. There is possibility only to check incoming call, not number. :-/