Meaningless console errors Not Found Images


Basicly chrome outputs errors like this every time I use this code

 <img src="{{Formules[$index].getImg()}}">


http://localhost:8100/%7B%7BFormules[Load].getIsvkImg(1)%7D%7D 404 (Not Found)

However it finds images and loads them as it should so why the heck is it outputing those errors

Btw. Formules[$index].getImg() outputs somethink like this img/0.png

where 0 is just $index


I think you should be using ngSrc if you want to get rid of the errors. Changing src to ng-src removed the console errors when I tested it.


Thank you ! Using ng-src solved everything

 `<img ng-src="{{Formules[$index+1].getImg()}}">`