Matt tutorial : Ionic creator // Firebase not working on android (iphone OK)

Hi everyone,
I followed Matt Kremer tutorial video about Ionic creator + Firebase (
Everything is working on iphone and on creator but firebase connection is not working on Android

here is my service :
.service(‘Todos’, [’$firebaseArray’, function($firebaseArray){
var ref = firebase.database().ref().child(‘todos’);
var items = $firebaseArray(ref);
var items = [
var todos = {
‘items’ : items
return todos;

If you’re using version 1, and a tutorial that is over a year old, you’re asking for trouble. Use Ionic 3, and follow the official docs and Github projects of Ionic and Angular.

I am using Ionic creator that’s the latest available with custom code editing
if you have a more recent tutorial for ionic creator I d gladly follow it

Hey Mairaeva

Did you manage to come right with your FireBase problem on creator ?

I am having the same problem and copied everything from their GitHub page to my code but the emulator is not showing anything.
Also working on Ionic v1