Material back button

how to choose the page or will the back button material?
to be more clear, if I navigate & at times between 2 pages so when I make it back changes every time on its pages but I would not.
i’m use ionic V4
thank you in advance.

nobody for help me please?

Can you be little bro clear with your question please. I don’t understand what you are requesting for

for example I have 10 pages, if I navigate between pages 6 and 7 several times in a row, every time I press the return button of the phone it will go through pages 6 and 7 as many times as I I visited them.
I would like my back button to go to the previous page of the app but not the previous visited page.
that each page does not add to the stack

excuse my english i’m french and use google translate

I think you can override backButtonClick functionality by overriding this


or else
you can make a button (click) function and do

window.history.go(<number of pages you want to go back like -2 -3 or -4>)