Master Detail / Split pane / Multi View

I am in need of a Split Pane, Multi-View type thing but none of these are excactly what i want.

i will try to explain what it is that i really want.
I have a “Jobs Page” at the moment that when navigated to it shows a list of jobs.

when i click on let’s say “Job 2” i want the screen to change into the following layout

the layout itself is “ok-ish” to make. i did this with the <ion-split-pane> however it’s the transistion between the first pic to the second one that i dont really know how to do.

Second thing i want it to do is when i click on a “Candidate” i want the Job Details to move to the left where the Jobs page is now, and the Candidate page where the Job Details page is.
So kind of like a slide, the menu’s slide to the left (removing jobs page from the screen, putting job detail where the jobs page is now, and adding candidate page where the job details page is now).

And when i press the back button i’d like the screens to “move” to the right again. So removing the “Candidate” page, move the “Details page” back to the right and show the Jobs page again.

So it’s basically like a mix between a master detail/multi view/split pane type thing i want.

i hope it’s a bit clear as to what i want, if not please elaborate and i will try to explain it a bit better.