Manually push notification from App to Device

(Given how generic and common the terms ‘Push Notification’ are, I’ve got a lot of false positives in searching, so forgive me if this is an obvious / already-answered question.)

Our Ionic App already uses $ionicPush Push Notifications to receive important updates from our servers; however, there are some small cases where we’d like to send a Notification directly from the JS app straight out to the Devices’ notification tray. Is this possible with Ionic, or would we need a separate Cordova plugin that people might know of?

Is there a method in $ionicPush or similar that allows you to send a Notification from the Ionic JS app directly? Specifically, we have a service that runs even when the App is sent to the background (it hits an API end-point with GPS data), and would like to ping a Notification to the device tray if & when it fails in the background. Ideally, we’d want to avoid having to push upstream, as this would seem needless.

Whoops, not five minutes after asking the question, I find the answer myself haha. Well, if anyone has any other suggestions or solutions, feel free to pass them on, but looks like the above is what I’m looking for! :blush: