Manually control whether ion-toggle actually toggles

I am trying to figure out how to control whether a toggle actually toggles on after it is clicked. I haven’t been able to figure it out, even after searching the forums for other answers, and trying a whole bunch of things.

My use case is I will have the user click the toggle - which will trigger a prompt, and depending on how they interact with the prompt, the toggle will stay toggled off, or toggle on if they select the right response. So far, no matter what I do or how I try to control the toggle, it always turns on when clicked. Is there a way to prevent/control this behavior?


I’ve figured out a workaround, but it seems very very hacky to me. I must be missing something! I’ll use it for now I guess.

3 Toggles in the html that show based on different scenarios:

<ion-toggle *ngIf="!isMealAttached && !toggle" checked="false" color="secondary" (ionChange)="beforeFormToggle()"></ion-toggle>
        <ion-toggle *ngIf="!isMealAttached && toggle" checked="false" color="secondary" (ionChange)="beforeFormToggle()"></ion-toggle>
        <ion-toggle *ngIf="isMealAttached" checked="true" color="secondary" (ionChange)="beforeFormToggle()"></ion-toggle>
beforeFormToggle(e) {
    this.toggle = !this.toggle;
    if (!this.isMealAttached) {
    } else {
      this.isMealAttached = false;
      this.attachedMeal = {};

I have the same problem.
Do you think it is a bug or intended behaviour?