Making Phone Call from App - href="tel:123"


For the record, still valid with Ionic2 RC.0. The link href could be written like this:

 <a [href]="'tel:' + phone">{{phone}}</a>


This simple code to call a number from app. is working on android, but not working on ios.


< access launch-external=“yes” origin=“tel:*” />

HTML file
< a class=“welcomebottombtn” href=“tel:{{vm.restaurantinfo.countryCode}}{{}}”>
{{ ‘Call Us’ | translate }}< /a>

Added Space before a tag and “access” to show html tag in reply.

In android this code works perfectly. opens number pad and phone number comes
In ios Numeric pad is not opening


I are having issue making phone calls from app using href after I updated my Xcode to 8. My config.xml
file has
<allow-navigation href="tel:*" /> <allow-navigation href="mailto:*" /> <access origin="tel:*" launch-external="yes" />

I no longer get the prompt to make the call.



Hello Rathan.

i think emaV’s answer will do the trick.
it worked for me.


I’m having same problem on iOS - did you get it working (works fine on Android)


Here’s an integration with Ionic Native:


I am using a variable and passing the below but it does no work as hyper link. It displays it with underline but link not work.

testVar = “Please call us at < a href=‘tel:{Phone_no }’>{ phone_no }< /a>”,

I noticed if i use a variable and pass HTML code the anchor tag does not get generated.

Added Space before a tag and “access” to show html tag in reply.


Hai, guys pls refer this website it will be helpful to you


Maybe someone knows how I can test, f.e

a href=“tel:+1-1800-555-5555” class=“button button-positive”>Call me /a

this simplest approach?


We have some legacy mobile apps using ionic1. I have no problem launching the caller, but when it pops up the “confirm” modal on iOS, it causes the app to “resign” (which I am using for ensuring users don’t leave active sessions for sensitive data), BUT when you cancel or continue the call and complete, it NEVER calls the “resume” that allows me to cancel the session timeout handler. It’s like it doesn’t recognize that the app is now back in the foreground. Any way to solve this?


Why need cordova-plugin-whitelist to use Call number function?