Making A Div Within ION-Content Take x% Of ion-Content

I am trying to make 2 divs within my ion-content. I want each to take up 50% in height with full width, basically 2 rectangles. How can I achieve this as i set height to 50% but my divs are not showing .

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could you make a codepen?

and did you look at:

were you able to solve it ? I’m also trying to do it … and unable to.
Docs only describe vertically / align to top/bottom, but it doesn’t handle the height itself… they will be two blocks on top & bottom…

Indeed I know about the grid system. Basically I am trying to make a div take 50% of the ION-CONTENT but it seems to size it wrongly. I will try to use a code-pen soon

just tried something:

seems to work for me.

if you want to get rid of padding uncomment my css code.

50% to the height, not width … In every framework I always having issues with “height”, never the “width” … :smiley:
Can you try doing that ?