Make Inappbrowser plugin access Cordova API

I have to link to a webpage via inappbrowser plugin
in webpage you can open camera
but in inappbrowser plugin it can not access to cordova api

is there anyway to make inappbrowser access cordova api

No, that’s not really what InAppBrowser is for.

Thank you for your reply!
I know Ionic team is developing capacitor and some plugin with it.
Can you guy make your own inappbrowser plugin to access camera, microphone, … :slight_smile:


they can’t. In app browser is something like opening Chrome inside your app to visit a website. A website cannot access the Cordova API at all.

but cordova-browsertab plugin can access,
it just not always available on all platforms so i can’t use it

But that another different kind of monster. In App Browser plugin just can’t do that as the cordova-browsertab plugin can.

I never even heard of that, might check it out for future use.

thanks you for your info