M.values is not a function V2 Android

Android On some phones my app won’t start and stays at a white screen. It doesn’t matter which android version the phone runs.

The error: m.values is not a function

The only source I could find was this:

Something about installing es6-shim? But it is already included in the package.

I hope someone can help me!

+1 I have the same when I deploy my app to a Samsung S5 with andeoid 5.0. Interested in a solution!

If you’re using beta.4 then make sure that you imported es6-shim in app.ts/app.js, i.e. make sure that the following line is added at the top of the file:

import 'es6-shim';

Hmm, this wasn’t in my app.js, but now I’ve added it and it still doesn’t work… Is there any other place where I have to import ‘es6-shim’ or maybe if I specify the path?

@trissiev Are you still getting the same error? Maybe there’s something else missing. Check out the following post for more details on how to upgrade your project to beta.4:

Thanks for the link. I’ve created a new project and copied my files and it worked! Thanks for the help :slight_smile: