Looking for a responsive date-picker with multi date selection

Hello ionic community dev.

I’m looking for without success for a datepicker directive/module using angular/ionic focused for a mobile usage and without jquery and bootstrap and with the possibility to select multiple dates like : http://bootstrap-datepicker.readthedocs.org/en/latest/options.html#multidate

If someone has a suggestion, or a link, it will be greatly appreciate.

Regards, thanks for your answers.

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I’ve been using this plugin in one of my last project :

or http://www.dangrossman.info/2012/08/20/a-date-range-picker-for-twitter-bootstrap/

There is a great api & css customisation system

Hi @Pixelize thank you but I’m not looking for a Range date picker but a multi date picker.

I just need to select several dates on an inline datepicker.

Ho ok sorry but I think this is possible with this plugin, have a look to the API, never know :slight_smile:

Hi @ronyrun, I have created both time picker and date picker for ionic frame works.
Please have a look at the below links.

ionic-timepicker demo

ionic-timepicker Bower component

ionic-datepicker demo

ionic-datepicker Bower component


Hi Rajeshwar

I am a fan of this component, as a feature request: there is a way to choose just the month ? or maybe it is needed to build another component just for month ?

Maybe a disableWeekNames and disableMonthDays variable could do the trick?

If you just want to pick the date you can have a drop down in you page only. right? My component (ionic-datepicker) is supposed to select date, month and year and not just month. But still you can show some error message if the user selects other than month. This could be one solution.