Long press

How do i select item on Long press. i had used press but i m not satisfy with that implementation. i want to increase the time interval.
actually i had used press in tag but want some mo delay on press or use long press event… i don’t get any help from any where regarding long-press.

thankyou in advance

Hi @iampushpendra,

This is very cool package for allowing long press with customised delayed time.



I had use that but it don’t work in tag its working in button

<div ion-long-press [interval]="400" (onPressStart)="pressed()" (onPressing)="active()" (onPressEnd)="released()">Press</div>

In such tag also its working fine for me.

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thank you it works :slight_smile:

I’m glad its work for you if it resolved your issue mark as a solution.

If anyone comes here looking for how to do this in Ionic 4, I’d like to point you toward this tutorial, as there are some breaking changes in v4 and the ionic-long-press plugin doesn’t work.