Long background inactivity - App wont load / Deeplinks / Long time in background

Hello everyone!

I have experienced one strange behavior which I cannot reproduce. The situation is as follows:

iOS Device

  1. Main app - Ionic Cordova app stays in background for a long time (lets say day or two)
  2. Other app initiates deep link to Main app and opens it
  3. iOS shows Splash screen indefinitely loading.
    Root screen is never displayed / splash screen is never hidden.

My guess is that iOS device removes some very important ionic Cordova component from its App Container memory and then Ionic starts loading Cordova modules/plugins again. Maybe at that specific moment app hangs and this happens. Only thing you see is Splash screen and default splash screen loader.

Do you have any idea how to reproduce this behaviour on iOS simulator or real iOS device?
Or possibly some know situation when this happens, and how it can be overridden?

Also to add to the description, I could not get this issue reported on Android devices (yet).

Does anyone have any idea?
Quick points:

  1. App in background for longer time (24h)
  2. Deeplink opens app
  3. App stays on splash screen and wont load