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Ive been struggleling quite some time with an ionic app.
I have multiple controllers, multiple html pages.

Whenever I logoff ( I use the controller of the sidemenu ) I want to return to the first page.
Whenever I am on the first page I want to be able to login a diffrent user.
Whenever I enable cache:false in the UI-router of the target view ( menu.landingMenu )
it simply wont go to that page after the logout.
This is the code for the logout.

 $scope.logOff = function () {
    $http.get(appData.hostURL + '/api/Account/logoff.aspx');
    $state.go('login', { action: 'logoff' });
    $timeout(function () {
    }, 1500)


This is the event int he loginController

 // Check if a state change happened
        function onStateSuccess(event, toState, toParams, fromState) {
            console.log('This is the Fromstrate'), fromState;
            if (toState.name == "login") {
                if (toParams.action == "logoff") {
                    // keep startup url (in case your app is an SPA with html5 url routing)
                    var initialHref = window.location.href;

                    function restartApplication() {

                        // Show splash screen (useful if your app takes time to load
                        // Reload original app url (ie your index.html file)

                        console.log("THis is a reload")
                        document.location.href = 'index.html';

                } else {
                    var storedCreds = CredentialService.get()

First of all, whenver I logout, and I press the submit button on the page of the login, it “refreshed” the page, it blincks shortly but does not react.
Whenever I click it a second time, it goes to the next page but wont reload the controller, thus rendering no data.

PLEASE can someone help me.