Login via Twitter



I am wondering how it’s possible to authenticate users via Twitter in Ionic/Cordova. I’ve done it in the past with typical websites using PHP and Python but I am totally lost now.

I’ll have my own backend (I don’t want to use Firebase or a third-party authentication provider.)

Do I have to use any plugins? Do I really need InAppBrowser plugin? Where the user will be redirected to after authentication?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


It’s absolutely possible, we’re using Twitter and Facebook login with our app. Originally we tried the ngCordova oAuth library that used inAppBrowser.

We weren’t satisfied because the user has to type their username and password even of they have an account on their phone.

We ended up using the Facebook connect plugin for Facebook login and I ended up writing a [plugin for Twitter] (https://github.com/ManifestWebDesign/twitter-connect-plugin) since none existed yet.