logEvents on Facebook

I want to track some events in Facebook from my Ionic 2 app, but I don’t undertand how to do it.

I’m using this plugin to login with Facebook.

And if you see the available methods, there is a logEvent(name, params, valueToSum)

But what does it expect for each attribute? In name, is any name or one predefined of the event to be tracked? Which params should It contain? ValueToSum?

For example, I don’t know if I should send a string on the “name” parameter or what. Because in the Facebook docs for Android it does something like:

logger.logEvent(AppEventsConstants.EVENT_NAME_ADDED_TO_CART, 54.23, parameters);

But in my app, if I write: Facebook. facebook doesn’t contain an AppEventsConstants or Event names

Does anyone have an example, please?

Thank you very much in advance!