Location track app frozen

let options = { 
    enableHighAccuracy: true
        this.watch = this.geolocation.watchPosition(options).filter((p: any) => p.code === undefined).subscribe((position: Geoposition) => {
            console.log( position.coords.latitude + ", " + position.coords.longitude);

I’m following up with the code above. But it takes 15 to 20 positions. But applying the background to any place does not take any action. I do not see any trouble on the side of Api because I can get positions. The location can be steady but the application freezes after a while. What is the reason? I do not use any code other than the code.
I’m waiting for your help

Sorry, but your text doesn’t make any sense to me. The words are ok, but don’t make sense combined right now. Please describe the problem again.

I want to do location tracking. I’m getting 15, 20, and then the application is freezing. How can I prevent it from freezing?

15, 20 of what?
How does it freeze? Does the whole OS free? Does the app crash or just not react any more?
How and where are you testing?
What is your ionic info output?