$location.path not reloading page with updated data

I am using sidemenu in my ionic to app pass category Id to product page using service but data is not updating corresponding to current category Id. When I click aaa I am successfully redirected to product page and it alerts 1. Again form side menu when i click ‘bbb’ I get no alert. Also if I chose bbb at first then 2 is alerted and vice versa

Side mneu Template

<ion-item  nav-clear menu-close ng-click="allproductpage(1)">aaa</ion-item>
<ion-item  nav-clear menu-close ng-click="allproductpage(2)">bbb</ion-item>

Side menu controller

$scope.allproductpage= function(a){
angular.extend(inpsf.inps, {act_cat : a})  // inpsf is service

Product page

.controller('AllproductsCtrl', function($scope,inpsf)

P.S I am using $ionicConfigProvider.views.maxCache(0); in my .config