Localhost development

If I like to develop locally using WAMP/XAMPP, why would Node.js be required? Is it just used to build the demo apps or what is Node.js used for in this project?

How do I build a local development environment for Ionic?

If you want to build locally first, you should try using the Ionic CLI.


ionic serve

inside your project directory, and it will serve your whole project to http://localhost:8100/. When changes are made to your project, they are detected by the Ionic CLI, and your webpage immediately refreshes, meaning you don’t have to manually refresh the page! It’s great stuff for quick development.

You won’t be needing WAMP or Node.js (which is used for backend development, not really for Ionic apps, which can’t use node on a mobile app).

EDIT: you may have to install the latest CLI: sudo npm install -g ionic

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However, if you want to use your already set up WAMP/XAMPP configuration, you do not need to do any of that command line stuff. Just go over to http://code.ionicframework.com/ and download the zip file. All you need to do then is to include the required js and css files in you index.html file, and add ionic to your angular dependencies and you are good to go.

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