Locale of text content selection menu

With Ionic’s text input, you can long press it and call out a menu with ‘Select’ and ‘Select All’ on it. My problem is that I want to change them to Chinese because our app focuses on China Market.
Is there a way I can config this?



This behaviour is defined by the language set on your device. You cannot control it from IONIC as far as I know. Simply change the device language to Chinese should fix it.

I can’t find a way to control it from IONIC either. But this doesn’t mean IONIC can’t control it. Other apps installed in the same device, will pop up the same menu but in Chinese.

For iOS apparently you need to add the language to the info.plist file. See this http://www.telerik.com/forums/phonegap-change-the-project’s-main-language#F68nOfxJXkS3fL9PiMyJwA