Local Notification

I’m looking for a local notification plugin which works with Ionic and on click it resume the app which is running in background.

http://ngcordova.com/docs/plugins/localNotification/ :wink:

When I add this plugin, I get the below build error when building android.

/src/de/appplant/cordova/plugin/localnotification/LocalNotification.java:495: error: cannot find symbol
webView.evaluateJavascript(js, null);
symbol: method evaluateJavascript(String,)
location: variable webView of type CordovaWebView
…/platforms/android/src/de/appplant/cordova/plugin/localnotification/LocalNotification.java:492: error: cannot find symbol
webView.post(new Runnable(){

I have the same error when building android using

de.appplant.cordova.plugin.local-notification 0.8.1 “LocalNotification”


cordova 5.1.1