Loading password from LastPass is not working as expected

I am facing issue related to loading password from the list of saved passwords from LastPass.
Here are the steps below

  1. Login page
  2. There are two users in the list of LastPass
  3. Picked any one user from the list - Populated password as expected
  4. Now picked other one - It is retaining old password.
  • If I don’t set the value param in the IonInput, It is working as expected. Could someone explain me why is it not working if i set the value param in the IonInput -

Here is the

<IonInput autocomplete="off" className="form-input" onIonChange={onChangePasswordValue} placeholder={placeholder} type={inputType} value={value}  onClick={onClick} />

Following is the versions being used in our application.
@ionic/core”: “^6.0.7”
@ionic/react”: “^6.0.14”