Loading ionicons

Hi guys first off sorry if this will be a duplicate because it’s such a beginner question, but I have a problem loading the included ionicons into my project.

The below screenshot demonstrates that importing the icon object and loading it seems to load the svg into the browser (SVG data is visible on the right), but the icon is invisible. Right next to it is the same icon, downloaded as SVG and loaded from the project assets folder, which displays normally.

Am I using the icon wrong in the 1st case, or what is the problem that makes it invisible? Following the ionicons documentation here and using

<ion-icon name="person-circle-outline"></ion-icon>

has even worse results than this (the icon is not found).

Thanks for any answers,

Try this format:

<ion-icon :icon="searchOutline"></ion-icon>

The full code example is here: vue-components/IconsToolbar.vue at fec858d78917cc709f15a37894eec1cc2ddd0279 · dolthead/vue-components · GitHub

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that works, thanks :v: