Loading chunk failed - Ionic 3

I am using lazy loading in Ionic 3. I have created a build using npm run build --aot --minifyjs --minifycss --output-hashing=all and uploaded it to server.

Error- Loading chunk failed.

We are facing Loading chunk failed in our web build, in only one of the users system.

  1. We tried creating a new build thinking it will resolve the issue.
  2. We also cleared cache of browser , we even uninstalled and reinstalled chrome but problem in the system is still there.
  3. Other projects of ours are working fine on this same system which are not built using lazy loading.

This is the code which is used to open a page,but on clicking instead of opening, it gives error


Expected behaviour is, it should open the page.
Error coming - Loading chunk Failed

Please help, thanks in advance for your time.