Loading an application through an ionic deploy endpoint



I require an application to be available both on device and hosted online and accessible through a browser. I was thinking to achieve this by utilising the Ionic Pro deploy API to download and extract the application on the browser every time the user access my URL, The main reason I need this is to achieve a one-click-deployment to all possible mediums. The Ionic Pro Deploy API seems it can achieve said task, but unfortunately the API is only available on the apps in the device.

Any support would be appreciated.



Ionic Deploy is probably not the correct tool for that job.

But Ionic apps can be hosted as PWAs, no problem. Google for “ionic pwa hosting”.

Also, if you are not in a hurry:


Is this bound to FireBase? Ideally the app is hosted on my servers.


You can host it wherever you want. Basically ionic build --prod and then upload your www result to your server - done.