Loader in InAppBrowser

How i use loader in Inappbrower. I want to give a loader until the page os open in InAppBrowser in ionic 3

Check for different events for InAppBrowser and try to implement it.

For Event Listeners

More about InAppBrowser

1.Take reference from cordova site
2.write code as mentioned on Ionic.


In component.ts
import { InAppBrowser, InAppBrowserOptions } from ‘@ionic-native/in-app-browser/ngx’;
export class AppComponent {
userDetails: any;
responseData: any;
userPostData = { “email”: “”, “vid”: “” };
dedata = {“responsedata”:{“username”:"",“password”:"",“status”:"",“vid”:"",“email”:""}}
private inAppBrowser: InAppBrowser,
) {

openwebiste() {
let url: string = “https://www.yourwebsite.com/”;
const options: InAppBrowserOptions = {
zoom: ‘no’
// Opening a URL and returning an InAppBrowserObject
const browser = this.inAppBrowser.create(url, ‘_blank’, options);

I want a loader while opening the browser